Third Colony Brewery


Our story began February 2012. The founder, Wade Ward, was assisting with the preparations of a military St. Patrick’s Day party. His involvement ended abruptly when he received the phone call notifying him that his son, Army enlisted, was involved in a roadside IED incident and was in critical condition. The military members surrounding Wade sent him to his son’s side to aid in his recovery. Prior to departing, and, as a token of his appreciation to those supporting him, Wade delivered a case of his home brewed Double IPA for enjoyment at the St Patties’ Day party. In the days following the party Wade received numerous comments with regard to the beer quality along with suggestions he turn commercial. for over a year he dismissed the accolades and continuing pressure he was receiving. In May of 2013 Wade and Mary Jackson, co-founder, embarked on their journey to establish the NH based brewery and become the first disabled veteran owned brewery of modern times. Together they completed the market analysis, business planning and secured the first location, which was soon after changed.
Credit for the brewery name goes to Mary. When challenged by Wade to come up with a name that embraced a patriotic theme, his disabled veteran status, and the State of New Hampshire– she delivered. She was also instrumental in the brewery’s logo process, ensuring all the same elements of the Third Colony name were incorporated cleanly and uniquely. Again, she delivered. The imagery selected resulted in a beautiful and well received logo, which underscores the Third Colony brand.
The first commercial beer brewed by Third Colony was the Double IPA, using the same ingredients as the home brew that began it all. The Double IPA, codenamed “Peer Pressure,” remains the breweries best seller.

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