About Us

BREW NH is a non-profit organization that promotes New Hampshire via the beer industry. We want to be your beer hub when you think about events, activities, advice and news about NH’s growing beer industry.

If Brew New Hampshire were a person, it would shop at the farmers market (but not exclusively), know the names of its neighbors and downtown merchants, and dress in sensible, attractive, non-ironic, flannel shirts.

Explore the site and reach out to us if you have feedback.

You can stay in touch with our beer community through social media, get in on the beer conversation and find out where we’re celebrating #NHBEER this week.

We’re making some more cool changes to the site and we have lots of news about the coming festival season, hot brands, and members of our community. We’re pretty kickass, if we do say so ourselves. And you know, we need each other to have conversations about beer on a state level.

Come support us by volunteering for a festival or sharing your skills for the greater effort. We love beer tourism and we’ve got a ton of interesting, high quality breweries per capita. Check out our beer map for more details.

Board Members

Brian Bouchard

Brian loves New Hampshire. Brian loves beer. Brian loves New Hampshire beer. That’s the basic calculus. Brian is a Goffstown native and attorney at Sheehan Phinney Bass and Green in Manchester, New Hampshire. Brian and his wife, Jackie, spend most weekends scouting for beer, wild hikes, and bohemian breakfast joints with chocolate chip pancakes. In his other free time, you can find Brian cooking (mostly with beer), adventuring, concert going, learning new things, and enjoying everything the northeast has to offer. Brian’s favorite beer is an imperial red ale, but really, anything new, exciting, and funky is right up his alley.

Andrew Earle

By day, Andrew is a business school professor at UNH, but in the evening, his Seattle upbringing bubbles to the surface – Pearl Jam deep cuts, salmon any-way- you-can-imagine, a fondness for rain, and a love of craft beer. Which is his favorite beer? The answer is determined by a complex algorithm of occasion, time of day, season, moon phase, tide table, and a number of other highly proprietary factors.

At UNH, Andrew teaches classes and conducts research on innovation and entrepreneurship, advises the UNH Entrepreneurship Club, and chairs UNH’s long-running Holloway Innovation-to- Market competition. Outside of work, Andrew is an avid traveler, reasonably good snowboarder, and a bad-yet- joyful golfer. He and his family relocated to the Seacoast of New Hampshire from the equally lovely state of Oregon a few years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed their new home.

Bridget Franciscovich

Bridget was born in Dallas, Texas but grew up in small town New Hampshire; Weare, NH. Yes, she has heard all jokes when it comes to "where" she lives. She is a techie that loves all things digital; social media, coding, websites, and apps.

Bridget has dedicated her career working with small businesses around the Granite State. Her ultimate goal has been to provide small businesses the tools to successfully implement and sustain a digital marketing plan into their business. Bridget is also a teacher, educating colleges students in marketing throughout the Community College System of New Hampshire.

When Bridget isn't on social media or in the classroom, you will find her in the mountains! Whether it is skiing or hiking, Bridget loves the outdoors.

Kate Luczko

Kate is a native of Canterbury, NH and spends her professional time as the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Harvey Construction, after stepping down as founding President & CEO of Stay Work Play NH. Kate is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of NH in the business department and is passionate about giving back to and being involved in the community. In addition to BREW NH, she is on number boards of directors, advisory boards, volunteers throughout the state often, and was appointed by Governor John Lynch to the NH Job Training Fund.

She has also been a participant in five regional leadership programs in NH and holds a Masters in Business (MBA) with a certificate in Leadership of Non-Profit Organizations from Southern New Hampshire University, and a Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Business with a concentration in Sustainable Business from the University of New Hampshire.

When naming her one of the “5 Leaders for the Future” in 2014, Business NH Magazine created a caricature of Kate for publishing in the magazine and told her they’re only able to do that for someone if they are an “easily recognizable person,” which she found to be a unique and super cool honor.

In her free time Kate enjoys staying active with her black lab, Timber, kayaking, cooking, being outdoors working her green thumb, music, exploring NH and beyond – including breweries, cideries, and cupcake shops.

Scott Schaier

Scott is a beer guy both for work and in his free time. In 2013, Scott and his family packed up their life in the U.S. Virgin Islands and headed to Durham, New Hampshire. On the advice of many, he immediately had his head examined.

Scott spent the last decade doing development work for one of the global brewers. He married the girl he met in Boston and then followed him to Central America, the Caribbean and then to NH. They have a daughter, Siena, a son Charles, an island cat, Snagglepuss, and the best island-born German Shepherd, Schultzy.

Scott’s favorite beer style is lager beer. He enjoys all types, but appreciates original source Czech or Bohemian pilz and is a big fan of Saaz. He likes outdoor activities in the North Country, live music and enjoying the natural beauty of our state with his family. Oh yeah, he also really likes drinking beer with friends. Cheers!

Kary Shumway

Kary is a beer and numbers guy. He is a CPA and former CFO for a beer distributor. Two of his favorite things are a good beer and a good spreadsheet. Kary lives in Hancock, NH with his wife Debra and two children Max and Abbey. Over the years, Kary has enjoyed coaching his son’s baseball teams and daughter’s softball teams, although both children wished he would’ve done something else with his time.

He is actively involved in organizing adult softball, basketball, and broomball games, as well as tennis tournaments. Long ago, Kary discovered the secret to a creating a successful outdoor sporting event: beer + grilled meat. Friday night summer softball with the grill, beer coolers and good friends is pretty much Kary’s version of heaven on earth.

In his spare time, Kary writes and publishes two newsletters for the beer industry. Beer Business Finance is for beer distributors, and Craft Brewery Finance is for breweries. Both publications combine Kary’s passion for numbers and the beer industry.

JT Thompson

JT is a proud native of NC, but how he ended up in frosty New Hampshire is a tale best shared over a few pints. JT is a craft beer industry lifer. He is a graduate of the American Brewers’ Guild’s diploma program and has worked as a pub brewer, bottling line operator, delivery driver, public relations director, and brand manager. Outside of beer, JT loves music and film, cooking at home and is an avid UNC basketball fan.

Renée Capicchioni Vannata

Renee is a geek. She geeks #socialmedia. Renee geeks #beer. She totally geeks out on technology, hashtags, entrepreneurship, board games and dozens of other geeky things. Her passions run deep, her knowledge grows strong, her loyalty to #NHBeer will never falter.

Renee’s perfect beer is a robust porter with strong vanilla notes served in sexy glassware. Know of one she needs to try? Let her know on Untapped, Twitter or Instagram @safaritour.

When Renee isn’t geeking out, or drinking #craftbeer, she’s hanging in #DurhamNH with her hubby, Larry, and their two teenage boys. She’s such a lucky dog, because she gets to spend her summer in the Blodgett Landing community on Lake Sunapee. She can’t imagine living anywhere besides the amazing state of New Hampshire.

Live free and drink #NHBeer.

CJ White

CJ a native to Concord, NH who's passion for travel keeps her exploring far and wide. Many refer to her as a true adventure traveler- eyes wide open seeking new places, embracing the local cultures (which always include a new brewery) and uncanny ability to pack for anything. She can almost always be found outside; often Google mapping her heart out to find the next summit to hike or basecamp to camp, running in circles to get her miles in, biking on the road to nowhere or standing in a river with a fly rod in hand. The quest for adventure never stops!

A former outdoor retail store manager, marketing/events coordinator and product developer she holds customer service and the overall experience in high regard. It has helped shape her ideology to always establish a close rapport, be respectful, have sincere gratitude and engrain your values in all you do. Now as Executive Director of the New Hampshire Brewers Association she's able to blend her passion for business management and operations with the creativity and drive of the thriving NH craft beerscape and community.

CJ works daily to educate, advocate and market for the NH Brewers and their beers; you might be able to catch her at one of the breweries and share a pint with her before she's off on her next adventure.