One Love Brewery

Partners in all things good in life, Jennifer and Michael Snyder came across the opportunity to relocate One Love Brewery into the historic Henry Paper Mill in Lincoln, NH from Dover, NH in January 2015. As most insane adventures start, they asked each other, “well why the hell not?” As a professional seasoned Brewer, Michael’s passion is German lagers, although he’ll drink just about anything, especially if it’s free and cold. His influences come from growing up in England and Germany as a young lad. He has been honored with many awards and metals (gold & silver from the Great American Beer Festival) for his beers and has worked with numerous breweries nationally. He graduated from the Siebel institute of Technology with a diploma in Brewing Technology in ’97 and earned a certificate in brewing from the Institute of Brewing & Distilling in ’08. Michael has the charming outlook that all beautiful spaces should be breweries. This location here in the Henry Paper Mill is no exception.

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